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Help HCMC help the homeless this winter with warm Clothes, Blankets and Sleeping bags
The winter has been extremely harshed in Maryland and other Northeastern states. There is a movement to collect sleeping bags and warm clothes for the homeless and poor. Sister Dr. Naseem Khan has suggested that Howard County Muslims should collect warm clothes and sleeping Bags and delivered it to the homeless in Maryland. She is taking the lead and spearheading the tasks. It will be nice if all members could donate warm clothes and/or sleeping bags this week and bring it to Dar-al Taqwa around Isha prayers. She will collect over the weekend and deliver it to the homeless. Please donate generously. BCMC and Masjid Rahmah are making similar effort. Please participate and make this campaign successful.

 Jazak Allahu Khair.

Anwer Hasan
There are 5000 homeless in Baltimore area of which 10% of them not served by shelter. Studies show 38 homeless people have frozen to death in the city over the past 10 years. As you know how cold it out there. This is a great opportunity for us. I would like BCMC get involved in this "Sleeping Bags for Homeless Project". I had spoken to the Chief of the Project Locus (non-profit) who is doing exactly that. He is an architect who is involved in restoring homes and other buildings in poor communities. Patrick was excited to hear that the Muslims are willing to help. So my idea, as discussed with him are the following:
1. send out email requesting for sleeping bag donation.
2. Donators are either drop it of at ISB or to any one of our houses i.e those of us don't mind collecting in their premises.
3. On the day of the delivery we, along with young brothers and sisters participate in the distribution of the bags.
Patrick will inform me the date and place of distribution. Please let me know if this is viable.
Nasrin Rahman
Maryland Department of Planning
301 W. Preston Street
Rm. # 1101
Baltimore MD 21202-2305
Email: nrahman@mdp.state.md.us
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