Previous Engagements
Fundraiser For Vernon Gray; OCT 28th 02
Vernon Gray's fundraiser was attended by about 75 people. Thanks to their generosity we reached our goal for the night. There was an active Q & A session with Vernon, where he was apprised of many of our concerns, along with our desire to safeguard minority respect and rights; participation and representations on state Commissions and Boards; and programs geared towards helping our young adults.


Health Fair; October 20th 02
Howard County Muslim Foundation and Islamic Center of Baltimore held their first Annual Health Fair for the residents of Maryland on October 20, 2002 at the Howard County General Hospital Wellness Center, located in Columbia Medical Center.

The Health Fair was open to all those who had no health insurance. Health Fair participants received not only free health education that provided them knowledge and awareness of all kinds of illnesses but also delivered information on various resources available through the department of social services and the local health department.

Most of the participants were low-income, working class people with limited means. Most of them had not visited a physician's office in a long time. The specialties covered by the Health Fair were: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Cancer Prevention, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry. Cardiovascular, Dentistry, Domestic Violence and Social Services. 

Over one hundred people lined up long before the beginning of the four hour health Fair, which started at 9.00 am and ended at 1.00 p.m. Registration as well blood testing for blood chemistry, liver functions, lipid profile and PSA was offered at no-cost to patients. Women's Health Care education was strongly emphasized. No-cost coupons for screening mammograms were offered to women at average risk for breast cancer. Also included at the Health Fair was free dental check-up and free vision screening.

Twenty three Muslim doctors, three nurses and two laboratory technicians donated their time and services free of charge. The Health Fair received an overwhelming response of appreciation at the end of the event.


Breakfast Meeting With Endorsed Political Candidates; Oct 19th 02
A breakfast with political candidates was held on Oct 19th. It was a very well attended event with more than 75 people in attendance, along with about 15 candidates running for different offices. The candidates are quite appreciative of the fact that the Muslim community is getting active in the political process, and letting their presence felt and views heard. Candidates were introduced to Howard County Muslim Council volunteers who have agreed to help them in their election process.


Fundraiser For Courtney Watson; Oct 16th 02
A successful fundraiser was held for Courtney Watson - candidate for Board Of Education. More than fifty people including high school kids were in attendance helping us reach our financial goal for the evening. Members also got a first hand opportunity to hear Courtney's views on community concerns. Courtney also provided some advice to members about the working of school board, and how to get things done in the county education arena.

Political Candidate Forum; Sept 14TH 02
On September 14, 2002, HCMC hosted a Political Candidate Forum. We, the community, were able to ask questions that we, as Muslims here in Howard County, are concerned with and would like to be addressed. These candidates were invited to address these issues. 


Fundraiser For Jim Robey; April 6TH 02
On April 6, 2002, the Howard County Muslim Council held a fundraising dinner for Howard County Executive, James Robey at the Columbia Sheraton. The event was a tremendous success, raising capital for Robey's campaign. Speakers included Anwer Hasan, president of HCMC along with honored guest Jim Robey. Vernon Gray was among the attendees.